Track competitors and change your prices based on rules


1. Connect your shop

Import your product and price data through any major shop system or let us scan your web site for all your products.

2. Track Competitor Prices

Enter your competitors' product URL's and map them to your own. If you are tracking a large amount of products you can use our deep scan function, which scans a whole store's assortment automatically adds it into the system.

3. Change Prices Based on Rules

Easily add price rules to Prisure, and receive automatic prices suggestions as soon as your competitor's prices change. Even update your prices directly from within Prisure.


See Price Positions

Get a visual overview of the price positioning on the products you have mapped to your competitors. Compare your pricing on SKU-level and quickly find out which products you have to act on in order to stay competitive!

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Set Price Rules

Set general rules or specific ones for each SKU, and receive price suggestions the second your competitors change theirs. Our integration with all major e-commerce systems lets you apply the price suggestions with one click onto your webshop.

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What is Prisure?

Prisure is a Programmatic Pricing platform that is all you need to make sure your products are priced competitively. Track competitors' prices, see your price position, and apply price suggestions directly onto your webshop based on your own rules. On your biggest competitors you apply our deep-scan function that also sends you notifications on new product releases and stock-outs. Use Prisure and get rid of all manual price checks and changes!

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